First thing you need to do is watch all of the training videos- it will explain everything

The tab is located on the left hand side where it says getting started, it has a serious of videos

I am going to show you how to grow your Asimi Tokens and Grow them every single day.

In order to get really good results from this program all you have to do is Log in to your hashing ad back office and click on Dashboard

You will see a light blue button on the upper right hand side that says start minting

Click On That and watched the 7 Second Video and after it expires it will say Complete minting

Before you click on that blue button it will say you minted 0/1 videos and when you get completed it will say 1/1

and it will have a time clock like 14:35.01 remaining, that means you can't watch another add until that time

When That Expires than you will get the asimi put in your back office, For my first 2 days i earned 16 asimi Tokens and that is about $8 in US Dollars Not Too Shabby

I think you are going to love the simplicity of this program and how you can earn, there is no selling or promoting but if you have a list of people or know of anyone who wants to make some Extra Money give them your url , you can find that in the tab sales affiliate sales center and click on affiliate resources and you will see 3 or 4 links, I Suggest using the pre launch link for now that seems to be pulling pretty well, click on this

The Program is working, very well and so easy to do

Follow all the steps-- You will have to set up your asimi wallet and get signed up in the Waves Platform to be able to Exchange from asimi to usd/bitcoin or vice versa but i ll have Luke Explain that

So Go do your daily Minting and Grow Your Asimi and share with anyone you know